Most awaiting moments… being unveiled…

Wow!!! its Aug 12, 2012 exactly 16:30 Hr’s, I am posting on my blog… right from my writing desk… right from the comfort of my home… & right from my magical Laptop… the window to the global world… & inking from my ever-loving writing pal, my pen which puts & unveils all my heart-felt feelings mostly straight on to the paper without giving a second chance to either edit or proofread.  And my pal is my tongue of heart through which I express my feelings… thoughts… emotions… memories… & experiences of my life.  So on this excited day of my lifetime I owe my gratitude to my pal, pen & I owe myself totally on my knee’s bent & touching the feet of my dear mum… & overwhelming her with all my emotion & with a soulful hug…With these warm & moving feelings I welcome you all to the creative blogging world of AKULASHARVANI through the medium of  

I wish to ride on the wheels of my creative thought & I wish to join the Omni World in this literary ride with a keen sense of conceptualization & visualization.  I wish to reach my ever desiring destination of expressing myself in unique ways as many as possible & in the mean while getting wet in the word showers. I wish to indulge myself & my lofty leisure hours of dawn to dusk completely in a meaningful & utilitarian value… so that, whenever I retrospect myself… I must be left with all those inner glacier of thoughts etched in golden words on the irrevocable edges of time.  So, by the way I can make not only myself satisfied but also make the readers get saturated & super saturated with my Unique expression.


By akulasharvani

I am a Educater, Creative Blogger,Youtube Content Creator, Seo Content Writer, Poetess.

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