Daily Prompt: Childhood…

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Childhood is so memorable for each & every one of us. Childhood is that tender age when we have no inhibitions & ego’s at all.

And as we grow up day by day, we will not remain as plain… pious… pure as we were in our Childhood.  We develop many different traits & ego’s in us.  Then too, our Childhood remains the same… untouched by our present which makes it so special… so memorable… And we love our Childhood so much that: even if God appears & asks for a boon or a wish, then most of us… we may belong to any age group, then too we may instantly wish to become a child & get back to the Childhood & never wish to return back to the present life. Such is the Childhood.

Childhood is an age full of innocence… inquisitiveness… serenity… friendliness.  As the Childhood… so the Childhood friendships & tie-ups… forever remain evergreen & never fade away from our hearts memory graph.  Instead, they grow up & up to the fathom’s of our heart’s as Pacific oceans depth’s on one side & reach to such a heights & peeks as Himalaya’s… Everest… on other side.

Childhood is such a magical spell which enthrall’s all of us throughout our lives to such an extent that every one of us have our own stories… surprises… sacrifices… gossips… adventures… which only our hearts & minds can only have that power of rewinding… spinning back the time wheel at our wish… of remembrance… & only through a single track of memory lane.  We passed our Childhood stage with 200% out of 100%: as a child: being ever busy bees… being ever indulged in our own worlds… being ever happy in our own territories… being ever adaptive to our own surroundings… being ever forgetting past our incidents instantly… being ever forgiving our Parents for their misfires… being ever making trials to be happy & make others feel so.

Then, why now we as grown up… unable to be & behave same as we were in our Childhood… without inhibitions… without ego’s… plain… pious… pure… And why not we be & behave same as we were in our Childhood… being ever happy & making others feel so… Lets try to own our Childhood once again… & so that we may become more generous at our hearts which in turn sinks with our Childhood qualities… Being ever childish is the wonder drug that not only cures our hearts & souls but even cures others too.

By akulasharvani

I am a Educater, Creative Blogger,Youtube Content Creator, Seo Content Writer, Poetess.

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