Lockdown Super Hero :

How nice it will be if we have a Lockdown Super hero who can save humans from corona virus on this earth & a super hero who can take humans to other safer lands that may be other planets for time being… & reload them to earth after the corona crisis… as per present situation demands… A SUPER HERO… a Lockdown Super Hero… like kids crazy heroes… like super man… Bat man… shakthi man… even Lord Hanuman or a crazy combination of all heroes physic… magical powers… intuition and with a generous heart of a robinhood. Yes a Super Hero is the need of the hour… A Lockdown Super Hero…with my crazy thoughts knitting…

There’s this guy that I’ve seen at the end of my road a few times and I’m trying to figure him out. He’s tall, good looking with little dreads and always wears shorts and a singlet. The first time I saw him was a few weeks ago, he was outside my house when I was […]

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By akulasharvani

I am a Educater, Creative Blogger,Youtube Content Creator, Seo Content Writer, Poetess.

One reply on “Lockdown Super Hero :”

This is definitely what we need right now! I had never heard of Shakthi man before, but he looks great. Superheroes should cross continents more often 🙂

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