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Lock down Gardening: How to grow microgreens Fenugreek

Hello everyone today I want to share one of my Lockdown activity so that you too can involve yourself… engage yourself… develop new Gardening skills… and at the same time you procure yourself with fresh Herbs for your kitchen… in this Lockdown period… and be selfsustainable… if kids are there they too develop interest in Gardening…

First Herb we can try and get successful result easily with in four to seven days is Fenugreek commonly called as methi in Hindi.

STEP 1: We have to prepare the soil by watering the soil four days prior to planting Fenugreek seeds so that the soil gets ready and easy to dig.

STEP 2: After soil is ready we have to take a small wooden log or iron rod and make vertical columns of 2 inch deep.

STEP 3: Now drop Fenugreek seeds in those columns one by one. And cover the seeds with the soil.

STEP 4: Immediately sprinkle the seeds with water. From then only sprinkle the seeds with water daily twice.

STEP 5: Wait four days you will be surprised to see the Fenugreek seeds start germinating… and with in two to three more days… they become saplings.

STEP 5: With in 5 more days you can cut the Fenugreek microgreens from your garden that are rich in iron.

Gardening is such an activity which relaxes refreshes boosts us & develops intrest in mother nature.  Gardening gives us food sustainability.  Gardening is the only way to have organic food which is free from pesticides and manures. Gardening provides with fresh vegies and fruits.

Gardening provides our body in both ways physical exercise and mental relaxation. Gardening provides us Sunshine Vitamin – D as we work in the Sun. So enjoy Gardening. Gardening may be done in many ways: in open spaces for our kitchen purpose as kitchen garden, on Terraces as Terrace Gardening, inside home as Home Gardening for ornamental purpose, ambience and for green look, can run a nursery, vertical Gardening.


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