My Thoughts shootout:The entire world is on a same foot page with Corona foot prints & Corona foot March making an engulfing historic mark on entire world… leaving all of us to wish that this foot page never ever be loaded again in the future… & leaving all of us on a drive to become resilient… restrain ourselves… as soon as possible from Corona
Total human race on the world is facing the Evolutionary challenge of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST… And the WHOLE WORLD taken up the evolutionary challenge & is set on the quest of developing IMMUNITY BOOSTING… then too in the midst of these circumstances… Leaving a million $dollar ?question… when we will get herd immunity towards CORONA…
just my ignited thots to the present Corona pandamic… as writing is my passion… I can only make my ignited mind relax by letting my thots shoot out…

By akulasharvani

I am a Educater, Creative Blogger,Youtube Content Creator, Seo Content Writer, Poetess.

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