This incredible utterly magical incident happened 3 years before… It was a hot day of summer… and was noon time… Sun was over the head… I got down from the super luxury bus and landed on my home town Warangal after a very long gap of year or so. So, I was feeling very emotional and nostalgic too. Till that time I used to run to home as soon I land in my hometown, but this time my feet were reluctant to go that way… As my loving parents left to heavens abode. Just that missing feeling overwhelmed me totally. After few minutes I decided to complete the work first for which I came to my home town.

So I made an enquiry of the office I have to visit with near by people there… and went into that office gate with heavy breath… & lot more tension… as I knew nothing over there. Since my loving father used to handle every problem on a phone call and to clear them without a mess. But now I have to deal everything on my own that too with no idea of whom to talk… how to deal. Having no knowledge of where to go… whom I must meet… I just entered the widely opened gates… there I saw so many blocks… I was rather confused which way to take… it’s that second I SAW “A BLUE BUTTERFLY “. That BLUE BUTTERFLY headed me all the way to the office doors. I just followed the BLUE BUTTERFLY all the way without any thought. And the BLUE BUTTERFLY guided me to the administrative block. Soon I reached the block with widely opened huge doors… the BLUE BUTTERFLY was trying to enter into that block… but unable to enter… it appeared to me as if someone or something is stopping the BLUE BUTTERFLY to enter the block. Just it trying to fly forward but being pushed away back with some unseen force. I was going through all this situation but unable to grasp that my loving father is trying to help & guide me with some COSMOS POWER in the form of BLUE BUTTERFLY.

I entered the administrative block alone and done my work and returned. And searched for the BLUE BUTTERFLY… but alas!!! couldn’t found. Then, when I reminded everything once then I regained that its an amazing… incredible that the BLUE BUTTERFLY is none other than my beloved father in the form of COSMOS POWER reached me to help & guide me. I felt myself badly for not reacting on time… After that day I never saw the BLUE BUTTERFLY. But able to receive helping hand in one or other form & getting me out of troubles in the form of BLESSINGS & COSMOS POWERS. It’s a feeling or a virtue to experience one’s own… can’t be expressed. Then too I tried to reveal the whole. In few words I can tell IT’S A VIRTUE RECALLING…

Just that missing feeling overwhelmed me totally. After few minutes I decided to visit house… not home in my opinion as my parents are not there… so it became house… a house with just four walls… not a home… that used to be with loving hearts… expecting my arrival. With how much eagerly used to wait for my arrival. My parents used to rang from the moment I board the bus till I landed on my hometown. As soon I used to reach the house… my mother used to serve my favourite food. And my beloved father used to order me to relax… It’s the love of parents that remains unshaken ever…. forever immortal… it’s soulbonding… everlasting….

On my way back to my hometown…. may I wish something incredible… amazing… related to COSMOS POWERS may happen once again…