Life is a play & we are the players. But we are so involved in playing our role that to such an extent that we forgot the playful attitude towards life. Just observe children they are ever filled with joy. The reason behind their joy is their playful attitude.

Children involve themselves in whatever activities they do & forget all other things. They live in the present situations. Children are the most busiest… most joyful…most playful… most indulging ones. For them the moment itself is life. They live the moments.

Children are always in receptive mode whatever it may be… positive or negative… they enjoy positive ones wholesomely & forget immediately the negative ones… It’s the main difference between us & children. We enjoy positive ones wholesomely as they do… but unable to forget negative ones as easily as children do. We are left with the shadows of negative ones & they peep into our hearts unwantedly so that even if we forget also they persist in us & will be reproduced in one or the other negative forms leading to egos.

Children are those magical bundles of joy who sprinkle the showers of love… overwhelms… charms… the people around with their playful acts & attitudes. They are such a magical bundles of joy: if we join them for few minutes which may last for hour or so with their all in all playful package, which you may not gain such a refreshing & rejuvenation elsewhere. And we may return refreshed with a brilliant smile. Every one is aware of how much we become healthier & peaceful from a morning walk.  But enjoying & interacting with children will also recharge us, makes the gloomy: as passing clouds, makes us pleasant,healthier & returns the peace to heart & mind.

Being as Child at heart is a boon. So if we have such a Childishness in ourselves, then we must not lose it in our life time. Its a boon which we everyone may not possess. We as elders carrying the masks on our faces overwhelmed with egos. But the inner self has a childish attitude which always shows the path of connective bonds & collectiveness. Our true inner self is ever Childish.

So lets once lean back once everyday & try to put our masks of egos aside & look into our inner self. And spend time with our little ones. We may gain immense pleasure from their precious presence… playful acts… attitudes.